Our Projects


Inherited from the work done at simplistic.io PanaceaOS aims to advance the state of the art in anti-fragile data management is now being redeveloped for a truly software defined cloud native experience, leveraging advances in write only memory while transcending the limitations of both peer to peer mutable data fixity and the glacial pace of CSI development.

The Cooper Netties advanced development team is proud to be accelerating the realization of key technologies including Turtle Shell and IDGAF Workflows using the proven philosophy found behind previously successful projects such as the TurboEncabulator

Ok ,,, this isnt one of "Our" Projects, but damn I wish we'd thought of it first .. so I'm going to steal promote it anyway.

Let's cut to the chase, we may be a thought leader in write-only memory, but THIS is the world's first write only filesystem !! Perfect for pesky legal documents where compliance is always an issue, and it's guaranteed ransomware proof and totally impervious to data exfiltration.

In the words of an industry heavyweight ...

"This could be advertised as a MVP implementation to potential SPAC investors. " - Scaleout Sean