Cooper Netties

What is Kubernetes

This site came about as a joke between a group of friends at NetApp on a Whatsapp group (not all of us are cool enough to use Slack) finding mild amusement at how the automagic captioning on YouTube kept on turning Kubernetes in Cooper Netties. A grand prize of $5 was offered for anyone volunteering to change their name, and while we were looking around to see if anyone has already done this (no, though there are a surprising number of Nettie Coopers out there), we uncovered a few automated blog posts such as .. where Cooper Netties gets a big plug. there are also reports of Cooper Natives, or even Quran Eddies.

That same Google search oddly turned up a whole stack of stuff on K8s, Docker, CNCF and all the other cool things , so in order to win the $5 I wisely decided to spend $20 (because that's how all the cool startups win business) and quickly registered the domain name.

Of course that has nothing to do with "What is Kubernetes", but given this is also an exploration of cloud native computing and Containers, Docker, Snapcraft , Microservices and Web 2.0 technologies in general, I thought I'd throw in some experimentation with SEO and keyword spamming while I was at it.

If you're really interested in Kubernetes and you feel ripped off with me wasting your time, then I'd strongly reccomend that you check out as its a really good start, and probably the kind of thing that you were looking for in the first place